The Perfect Ratio For Rice And Water

The Perfect Ratio For Rice And Water


There are many ways to cook rice, but when it comes to a perfect ratio of water to rice, it can be a bit confusing. Some swear that 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rice is the best way. Others believe that 2 cups of water and 2 cups of rice produce the best results.

If you’re not sure how much water to use, keep reading! This blog post will discuss the best ratio for rice and water so that your rice turns out perfectly every time. We’ll also provide tips on making perfect rice every time. So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more!

The Perfect Rice-To-Water Ratio For The Perfect Pot Of Rice

The perfect rice-to-water ratio for the perfect pot of rice It’s no secret that the amount of water you use when cooking rice can make or break your dish. When creating the perfect pot of rice every time, you’ll have to carefully consider a few things: The type of rice you’re using.

If you’re using short-grain rice with higher starch content, 2 cups of water will do. If you’re using long-grain brown rice, then 1 cup is all that’s needed.

Different Types Of Rice And Their Corresponding Water Ratios

Butter rice (2:1)

Brown rice and butter yields a creamy texture when cooked properly. This rice-to-water ratio is perfect for sticky rice.

Porridge or congee rice (3:1)

Brown rice, chicken, seafood or pork bones, and veggies – an excellent combination of ingredients that yields a rich soup when appropriately cooked. Perfect for cold days!

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Soft and fluffy white jasmine rice (1:1)

If you want soft and fluffy white jasmine rice that’s flavorful yet still has a bit of bite, then this ratio works best for you. 

The Amount Of Water You Use

Knowing how much water to use and how much liquid is required for each type of rice you’re cooking is essential. And remember, the amount of liquid you pour over rice during cooking depends on the type and quality of rice you’ve chosen. Two parts water to one part long-grain white rice

If you’re cooking short-grain rice, you’ll have to add 2 cups of water. But if you’re cooking long-grain white rice, you’ll only need 1 cup of water. If you’ve got brown rice on your hands, two cups of water are just right for one cup of brown rice.

The Importance Of A Good Pot Of Rice

Many think the ratio of rice and water is the most critical aspect of achieving that perfect pot of rice. But there’s more to it than just the ratio. A good pot that has been thoroughly cleaned, dried, and then appropriately seasoned is also essential, as it prevents the grains from sticking together while cooking.

Although this part may seem less important, do not underestimate its effects on your end product. If you don’t prepare your pot correctly, you’ll have mushy and grainy rice. Just remember to make sure your pot is free from rust, debris, and other materials that can inhibit the cooking process. If you’re unsure how to season your cooking pot (or want to refresh it), follow our simple guide for seasoning cast iron cookware.

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Never Add Salt Before The Perfect Rice-To-Water Ratio

Another important tip on creating that perfect pot of rice every time: never add salt before the water boils. Doing so will cause the rice grains to harden and become too strict or firm. This is a common mistake for novice rice cooks.

And remember, always cover the pot when cooking rice to prevent it from drying out and burning. This small tip plays an essential role in the outcome of your dish.

How To Make The Perfect Pot Of Rice?

Now that you know what equipment is needed and how to season it let’s move on to the cooking process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on making that perfect pot of rice every time:

Step 1 – Rinse And Drain The Rice

First, rinse your rice thoroughly using cool water until the water comes out clear. Follow this by draining the water through a colander or strainer. This process removes any extra starch that may be present in your rice.

You can also try rinsing your rice under cool water while gently rubbing it between your fingers to remove excess starch.

Step 2 – Add The Rice And Water

Next, add the amount of water to your rice as instructed by your recipe. If you’re using a rice cooker, you must use the exact amount of water to avoid over-cooking.

If you’re not using a rice cooker or don’t have time, this part is probably the most important. Remember not to add too much or too little water when cooking your rice because this can make a difference in the outcome of your dish. So depending on how much liquid you want your dish to taste like, ensure there’s enough water before beginning cooking. 

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Step 3 – Heat The Pot Of Rice Gently

Place a lid over your pot when cooking rice on the stove and gently heat it. If you’re using an electric cooker, follow its instructions to create perfect rice every time.

Step 4 – Stir

While your rice is cooking, lightly stir it from time to time with a wooden spoon to loosen grains from the bottom of the pot. This process prevents sticking and helps ensure that all parts of your rice are cooked thoroughly. If you have difficulty loosening all the grains, use a fork or spatula.


So it’s pretty easy to make the perfect pot of rice every time. No matter which type of rice you’re cooking, ensure enough liquid and not too much. If you follow these simple steps and carefully make your rice, you’ll have the perfect pot each time.

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