Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

The Instant Pot is one of the most popular kitchen appliances for home cooks. It can be used to create a range of dishes, from savory stews and soups to desserts like cheesecakes and flans.

In this article we will explore how to use an Instant Pot to make delicious jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is fragrant long grain variety that has become increasingly popular in recent years due its slightly nutty flavor, light texture, and versatility.

While traditionally cooked on the stovetop, using an Instant Pot makes it easier than ever before to prepare perfect jasmine rice with little effort or time spent stirring or watching over a pot while cooking.

We will discuss different methods of cooking jasmine rice in an Instant Pot as well as tips for achieving optimal results each time you cook.

How to Cook Jasmine Rice in an Instant Pot

It’s time to learn how to cook perfect jasmine rice in an instant pot. Whether you are a novice or experienced home cook, this simple guide will help you get the best results from your meal.

With these tips, you can make deliciously fluffy and fragrant jasmine rice every single time. The first step is gathering your ingredients: long-grain jasmine rice, salt, and water. Make sure that your measurements of each ingredient are exact; too much water can result in soggy rice while not enough liquid leads to crunchy grains!

After measuring out the correct amounts of each item, add them all into the pot. Once everything is inside and sealed up tight with the lid on top, set it according to manufacturer instructions for cooking jasmine rice in an instant pot – usually around 3 minutes on high pressure followed by 10 minutes natural release – and wait until a beep signals that it’s finished.

Fluff the cooked Rice with a fork before serving warm alongside your favorite dishes!


Cooking perfect instant pot jasmine rice requires careful attention to ingredients and technique. This delicate grain can be tricky, but with the right combination of elements, you’ll have a flavorful and fluffy dish every time.

When making this type of rice in an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker, there are some essential ingredients that must not be overlooked:

  • Jasmine Rice (long-grain variety for best results)
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oil (optional)

The amount of each is determined by the number of servings desired. Using 2 parts water to 1 part rice will yield light and fluffy grains; adjust accordingly if more tenderness is desired. For additional flavor, add a teaspoon of butter or olive oil before cooking.

The golden rules for cooking perfect instant pot jasmine rice include:

  • Not overcrowding the pot
  • Allowing enough liquid so that all the grains can cook evenly without burning or sticking together
  • Using a timer
  • Checking periodically for doneness

With these tips in place your meal should turn out perfectly! To ensure success it’s important to gather tools such as measuring cups, spoons, and a thermometer prior to beginning.

Tips for Success

Cooking rice in an Instant Pot is a great way to achieve speedy and perfect results. This article will explore how to make jasmine rice in an Instant Pot, as well as offer tips for getting the best possible result.

To start, it’s important to understand that jasmine rice needs more liquid than long grain varieties which can lead to undercooked or crunchy grains when cooking in an Instant Pot. The trick is adding enough water while still maintaining the correct ratio of 1:1 rice-to-water—one cup of dry rice requires one cup of water.

Once you have added your ingredients into the pot, use the pressure cook setting on high and set the timer for three minutes with natural release after cooking is complete. After 10 minutes have passed, open up the valve and fluff your cooked jasmine rice before serving. This should yield perfectly cooked fluffy grains without having to stand over a stovetop waiting for them to be done!

For those looking for even more ideas on what they can do with their Instant Pot beyond plain white jasmine rice, there are plenty of recipes available online. From fried rices and risotto dishes to delicious paellas and vegetable curries—the possibilities are endless!

There’s no need to limit yourself; get creative with all kinds of different flavors and see where your culinary journey takes you! Moving forward, let’s discuss techniques for successful pressure cooking of instant pot jasmine rice.

Cooking Rice with a Pressure Cooker

This guide will walk you through how to make a delicious batch using pressure cooker jasmine rice, instant pot jasmine rice recipe, cook jasmine rice in instant pot, or even if you only have 2 cups of the grain on hand.

The first step when pressure cooking your jasmine rice is to rinse off any dirt and debris from the surface of each grain. To do so, combine 1 cup of dry jasmine rice with enough water to cover them completely in a bowl. Swirl and rub the grains together for 30 seconds then drain away the murky water. Repeat as necessary until all traces of dirt are gone. When done properly, the rinsed grains should be glistening white with no residue left behind in the water.

When ready, transfer your cleaned up grains into your Instant Pot liner along with one cup of filtered water for every two cups of uncooked jasmine rice. Securely lock its lid in place before setting your appliance to its “Pressure Cook” function at high pressure for 4 minutes followed by 10 minutes natural release time (NR).

If there is still some liquid remaining after NR has completed, turn on its “Saute” mode while stirring frequently until they dry out completely. And just like that…you’ve got yourself perfectly cooked fragrant jasmine rice! All that’s left now is to fluff & serve it while hot!

How to Make Your Rice Fluffy

Instant pot jasmine rice is an easy and delicious way to cook fluffy, aromatic grains. In this recipe, the perfect jasmine rice instant pot takes only 20 minutes of cooking time with 10 minutes of natural pressure release.

To begin, rinse 1 cup of dry jasmine rice until the water runs clear in a small bowl or fine mesh strainer for at least 30 seconds.

Next add 2 cups of cold or room temperature water into your Instant Pot before adding the rinsed jasmine rice. Then close and lock the lid on top making sure that it’s in sealing mode rather than venting mode.

Set manual high pressure for 8 minutes before allowing 10 minutes of natural pressure release when finished cooking. After all steam has been released carefully open the lid and fluff the cooked jasmine rice with a fork or spoon; season as desired if needed.

This process yields perfectly cooked, fragrant and tender jasmine rice every single time! Rice can be served warm alongside main dishes such as curry, stir-fries and other savory meals.

With these tips you are well on your way to creating fluffy delicious grains each time you use your Instant Pot! Moving forward let’s discuss golden rules for perfect rice.

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Golden Rules For Perfect Rice

Cooking perfect instant pot jasmine rice is like crafting a delicious, fluffy masterpiece. Every step of the process must be carefully monitored and executed to create an ideal canvas for your culinary creation. As soon as you hit the ‘start’ button on your Instant Pot, it’s time to set off on this journey towards perfection.

The first golden rule when cooking with an Instant Pot is that timing is everything. Depending on how much jasmine rice you’re using, the cook time can range from 3-10 minutes — so make sure to consult a reliable recipe beforehand! Similarly, measuring out the right amount of water or liquid required in making the rice plays an important role in getting it just right – too little will yield crunchy results while too much will leave you with something mushy.

The second key point to remember is that after the timer goes off and all pressure has been released, don’t open the lid immediately – take 10-15 minutes before releasing any remaining steam and opening up your pot. This resting period allows for extra absorption of moisture into the grains resulting in softer and fluffier texture overall. Just make sure not to let those precious 15 minutes go by without checking in every once in awhile!

With these simple tips, achieving perfect instant pot jasmine rice can become a breeze. To ensure success next time around however, it also helps to familiarize yourself with some common reasons why rice fails…

Reasons Why Rice Fails

Cooking jasmine rice in an Instant Pot can be a tricky endeavor. It is important to understand the guidelines of making perfect instant pot jasmine rice in order to achieve success. Knowing how to cook jasmine rice in the instant pot with a perfect recipe is key, but there are several reasons why rice fails when cooking it this way.

The first reason that could cause failure is not properly rinsing the grains prior to cooking them. If you don’t rinse off excess starch and dirt from each grain, they will become sticky or gummy after being cooked in the Instant Pot.

Another potential problem is adding too much water which results in soggy, mushy texture for your final product. Too little water can also lead to under-cooked, crunchy rice as well.

Finally, if you do not set the timer correctly on your Instant Pot appliance then the pressure cooker won’t give enough time for all of the liquid to fully absorb into the grains before beginning its cooling cycle. This will leave uncooked portions of your jasmine rice unenjoyable at best and inedible at worst.

To avoid any issues such as these tips should be taken into consideration while trying to make perfect instant pot jasmine white rice. Moving forward we will look at some strategies that can help us dodge these common pitfalls altogether.

Tips To Avoid Rice Fails

Cooking jasmine rice in an Instant Pot is a great way to get deliciously fluffy and fragrant grains. It’s simple and easy, but if you don’t follow the right techniques, it can be tricky. Understanding how to cook jasmine rice in an Instant Pot will help guarantee perfect results every time:

  • Start with a good recipe: Use specially designed recipes for cooking jasmine rice in an Instant Pot or Rice Cooker, such as the Perfect Instant Pot Jasmine Rice Recipe from The Minimalist Baker.
  • Have all your ingredients ready: Measure out 1 cup of rinsed jasmine rice per person before adding it to the pot. Make sure you also have vegetable broth, butter, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt on hand.
  • Choose the correct mode: Select either the “rice” button on the Instant Pot or use the manual setting to set timer at 12 minutes with natural release.

One of the best ways to ensure success when making jasmine rice in an Instant Pot is by using what’s called ‘pot-in-pot’ method. This allows us to cook multiple dishes simultaneously while preventing overcooking one item over another – maximizing flavor and texture without any extra effort!

Advantages Of Pot-In-Pot Method

The Pot-in-Pot method of cooking jasmine rice in an Instant Pot makes the process incredibly easy and stress-free. With this technique, you can cook multiple dishes at once without having to worry about them sticking together or burning. The key is using the right container that fits inside your pot, so all your recipes come out perfectly cooked every time.

Those looking for a quick way to make delicious jasmine rice should try the Pot-in-Pot method with their Instant Pot. This allows you to create several separate meals simultaneously, avoiding any messiness from stirring or mixing ingredients together. Plus, it’s easier than ever before since no boiling over of water occurs when using the pressure cooker setting on an Instant Pot.

Using the pot-in-pot method also ensures great taste and texture each time you cook instant jasmine rice. By controlling how much moisture remains in the dish after cooking, you can customize its consistency according to what works best for you and your family’s preferences. As such, this approach offers maximum flexibility while guaranteeing flavorful results with minimal effort involved.

Moving forward, let us explore steps to perfecting instant pot rice.

Steps For Perfect Instant Pot Rice

Cooking perfect jasmine rice in the Instant Pot is easy – and it only takes a few minutes! According to research, nearly 70% of Americans surveyed say they have cooked with an Instant Pot at least once. Whether you’re looking for a quick side dish or a delicious main course meal, this method will help you achieve perfect results each time.

Here’s how:

  • Use 1 cup of uncooked jasmine white rice for every one cup of water used.
  • Set your Instant Pot on ‘high pressure’ mode and cook for 4 minutes.
  • Once the cycle has finished, allow natural release of steam before opening the lid.

These simple steps can ensure that your jasmine rice comes out fluffy and light each time – without any burnt bits around the edges! With some practice, you’ll soon get into a rhythm and know exactly when it’s done cooking; no more worrying about whether or not it’s ready yet.

No matter what type of cuisine you’re making, having perfectly cooked jasmine rice as part of your recipe is sure to make all the difference. Variations abound so there’s something for everyone – from adding herbs and spices during cooking to seasoning after – let your creativity shine through here!

Variations Of Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

Instant Pot Jasmine Rice is a delicious and easy to prepare option for those looking for an aromatic and flavorful rice side dish.

To cook this type of rice in the Instant Pot, begin by rinsing the jasmine rice with cold water until it runs clear. Then add 1 cup of jasmine rice to 2 cups of cold water or broth (for added flavor) in the Instant Pot along with some salt. Lock the lid on securely and set your pressure cooker to High Pressure mode for 4 minutes.

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When finished cooking, allow steam to naturally release before carefully removing the lid. Fluff instant pot jasmine rice with a fork prior to serving as desired!

For those interested in adding more depth of flavor to their recipe, there are several variations that can be incorporated into Instant Pot Jasmine Rice such as Thai-style recipes featuring ingredients like lime juice, fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic cloves, and cilantro leaves. This variation takes only 10 minutes from start-to-finish due its quick cook time in the insta pot.

By swapping out regular jasmine rice for white jasmine rice, you can create a unique texture while still having all the wonderful aromatics associated with traditional jasmine rice recipes.

Instant Pot Jasmine Rice is definitely one versatile ingredient – whether you’re making plain cooked version or opting for something spicier like Thai inspired dishes! With so many different ways to enjoy this fragrant staple food item, it’s no wonder why it has become so popular among home cooks around the globe.

Now that we’ve discussed various methods of preparing Insta Pot Jasmine Rice let’s move onto storing and reheating...

Storing And Reheating

Storing and reheating instant pot jasmine rice is a convenient way to make use of any leftovers. Here are some tips on how best to do it:

  1. Store the cooked jasmine rice in an airtight container or plastic bag for up to five days.
  2. Reheat the jasmine rice in the microwave by placing it into a microwavable dish, adding a little water, covering, and heating for one minute at a time until heated through.
  3. If you don’t have access to a microwave, you can also reheat your jasmine rice on the stove top using a pan with lid over medium heat and stirring occasionally until hot.

With these guidelines in place, storing and reheating your leftover instant pot jasmine rice will be easy peasy! Now that we know how to store and reheat our instant pot jasmine rice let’s look into making this delicious meal ourselves from scratch with an easy-to-follow recipe.

Instant Pot Jasmine Rice Recipe

The previous section discussed the importance of storing and reheating instant pot jasmine rice. Now, it’s time to get cooking! Making perfect jasmine rice with an Instant Pot is surprisingly simple. Those who enjoy making delicious recipes at home will be thrilled by this easy-to-follow recipe.

In a few short steps, you’ll have fragrant, fluffy jasmine rice ready to serve.

To make your own Instant Pot Jasmine Rice, start by adding 1 cup of dry jasmine rice and 1 ¼ cups of water into the inner pot of your electric pressure cooker. Then seal the lid shut and set to cook on high pressure for 3 minutes before allowing a natural pressure release for 10 minutes.

After that, fluff up your cooked jasmine rice with a fork or spoon and season as desired.

With minimal effort, you can now create tasty dishes using perfectly cooked instant pot jasmine rice as its base. The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity; all it takes is one appliance and two ingredients – no complicated instructions required!

With each batch of freshly made jasmine rice comes endless possibilities for flavorful meals – from spicy curries to comforting stews.

What To Serve With Jasmine Rice

Cooking jasmine rice in an instant pot makes the process easy and convenient. Instant pots are perfect for making fluffy, flavorful jasmine rice within minutes. All you need to do is add the correct amount of water with the appropriate amount of jasmine rice in the instant pot and press a button. The result is fragrant, delicious jasmine rice that can be used as a side dish or incorporated into a variety of recipes.

When serving jasmine rice from your instant pot, there are countless options available. A few popular choices include stir-fried vegetables and meats, fish dishes such as salmon teriyaki or grilled shrimp skewers, curries like yellow curry chicken or lentil dal, creamy risotto-style dishes, fried rice bowls filled with veggies and eggs, stews such as beef bourguignon or black bean chili, and salads like Thai cucumber salad.

No matter what type of meal you desire, adding cooked jasmine rice will bring flavor and texture to any plate. Jasmine rice has many uses when cooked properly in an instant pot. Its delicate flavor pairs well with all kinds of cuisine while its tender texture satisfies hunger pangs easily.

With so many possibilities at hand it’s no wonder why this versatile grain continues to be a staple around the world – especially when cooking it in an instantpot takes mere minutes! As we move ahead exploring further benefits of using an instant pot for cooking let us keep our focus on creating meals that tantalize taste buds without sacrificing time or effort.

Benefits Of Instant Pot Cooking

The aroma of jasmine rice can evoke feelings of home-cooked comfort, and with modern cooking tools like the Instant Pot, it is easier than ever to prepare. The Instant Pot has revolutionized the way meals are cooked – from a single touch button for making perfect pot of rice to using innovative methods like ‘pot-in-pot method’ – allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once without any hassle.

Here are some advantages that come along with utilizing an instant pot when preparing jasmine rice:

  1. Convenience – With just one press of a button on your instant pot, you have perfectly cooked jasmine rice in no time! No more worrying about constantly checking if the water level is appropriate or not burning it.
  2. Consistency – Everytime you use the same settings on your instant pot, you will get consistent results that taste great every time. This makes meal prepping much easier and enjoyable as well!
  3. Health Benefits – Cooking food in an Instant Pot seal in nutrients so that all the vitamins and minerals remain intact in your dish which can help improve digestion and overall health benefits.

No matter what type of cuisine you prefer, having an Instant Pot allows cooks to discover new flavors while still enjoying favorite recipes made quickly and easily. Furthermore, by experimenting with different ingredients or techniques such as using a ‘rice’ button or ‘pot-in-pot’ method, anyone can make delicious dishes each time they use their appliance.

Tips For Cooking Rice In Instant Pot

Cooking jasmine rice in an instant pot is a convenient, time-saving way to get flavorful and fluffy grains with minimal effort. Pressure cooker rice is the perfect solution for busy cooks who are looking for quick meals without compromising on taste or texture. Instant Pot Jasmine Rice delivers flavor, fragrance, and tenderness every time – making it one of the most popular methods of cooking this grain.

To cook jasmine rice in an Instant Pot, measure out 1 cup jasmine rice per person (or 2 cups for 4 persons). Rinse the measured amount twice under cold water until the water runs clear.

Pour the rinsed grains into your pressure cooker along with 1 ¼ cups of water or broth – depending on your preference. Add ½ teaspoon of salt to enhance flavor if desired.

Securely lock lid onto device before selecting ‘Pressure Cook’ button; set timer to 3 minutes at high pressure. Once finished cooking allow 10 minute natural release before manually releasing remaining steam and carefully opening lid away from face due to hot steam build up within pot.

Fluff cooked jasmine rice with fork then serve immediately while still warm or use as part of other recipes such as fried rice or stir fry dishes. With these steps you can easily enjoy delicious instant pot jasmine rice whenever you like!

Moving forward let’s explore different types of jasmine rice available today…

Types Of Jasmine Rice

After learning the tips and tricks to cooking rice in an Instant Pot, it’s time to explore what type of jasmine rice is best for your meal! Jasmine rice has a distinct aroma that sets it apart from other types of white rice. It can be used as a side dish or in dishes like biryani, fried rice, and more.

Here is a quick rundown on the different varieties available:

  • Long-grain jasmine rice – This variety has long, thin grains that are slightly sticky when cooked. The texture is perfect for stir fries and pilafs.
  • Medium-grain jasmine rice – These grains are shorter than their long grain counterparts but still have the same stickiness when cooked. This variety works well with curries and paella.
  • Parboiled jasmine rice – This option is partially boiled before milling which gives it its unique flavor profile along with being less sticky than regular white jasmine rice. Great for making risotto or salads.
  • Red jasmine Rice – A delicious alternative to traditional white jasmine rice with similar characteristics but boasting a deep red hue due to its bran layer having been left intact during processing; this variety adds color and flavor to any dish.

No matter the type you choose, all these varieties make great additions to your Instant Pot recipes. With the right ingredients, you’ll create amazing meals every time!

Now let’s look at how we can reheat our leftover jasmine deliciousness without losing out on taste or texture…

How To Reheat Jasmine Rice

Reheating jasmine rice is easy and doesn’t take much time. It can be done in the microwave, on the stovetop, or even in an Instant Pot. Here are some FAQs of making instant pot jasmine rice as well as instructions for reheating it:

StepInstructionsRecipe Tips
1Add 1 cup of jasmine rice to a bowl with 2 tablespoons of water.Be sure to cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap if microwaving.
2Microwave for 2 minutes, stirring halfway through. For best results, you can add butter or olive oil to keep moisture locked in.If using a stovetop method, use low heat and stir frequently so that the bottom does not burn.
3Place cooked jasmine rice into an airtight container before refrigeration. You may also freeze for later use!To prevent sticking and clumping together after reheating, fluff your jasmine rice with a fork once finished cooking.

When reheating any type of rice, make sure that it has been properly stored beforehand (in an airtight container) at room temperature or below 40°F/4°C). Additionally, when reheating frozen jasmine rice, always thaw completely before heating up—this will help retain its texture and flavor better than simply heating from frozen state. Taking these precautions will ensure that your jasmine rice remains flavorful and delicious every time you cook it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between White And Brown Jasmine Rice?

The difference between white and brown jasmine rice is truly a heavenly one!

White Jasmine Rice, with its delicate aroma, light texture, and subtle nutty flavor, is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Brown Jasmine Rice has all of these qualities too – yet it takes them up a notch by being higher in fiber and vitamins due to having the bran layer intact – making it an even healthier option than its lighter counterpart.

When cooked together in an Instant Pot, this delightful duo can create some of the most delicious dishes your taste buds have ever experienced!

Jasmine rice is a long-grain variety of white rice, which is popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. It has a nutty aroma and delicate flavor that pairs well with many dishes.

When cooked using an Instant Pot, jasmine rice requires 4 minutes at high pressure and 5 to 10 minutes natural release time for optimal results. This method produces fluffy grains while preserving the distinct taste of the jasmine rice.

How Long Can Cooked Jasmine Rice Be Stored In The Refrigerator?

Cooked jasmine rice can be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days, allowing you to enjoy its fragrant and nutty notes long after it’s been cooked.

When stored correctly in an airtight container, jasmine rice will retain its fluffy texture as well as its aromatic flavor for several meals.

The key is to make sure that the temperature of your fridge remains below 40°F (4°C), so that bacteria won’t have a chance to grow on the grains.

To reheat, simply place the desired amount of refrigerated jasmine rice in a pot with some water or broth and heat over low-medium flame until warm throughout.


Does Jasmine Rice Need To Be Soaked Before Cooking?

Jasmine rice, a long grain variety of white rice native to Thailand, is often used in Asian cuisine. When preparing jasmine rice, an important consideration is whether or not the grains need to be soaked before cooking.

Generally speaking, soaking jasmine rice is unnecessary; however, some chefs recommend it as a way to reduce cooking time and produce fluffier results.

If you do choose to soak your jasmine rice prior to cooking, the recommended amount of time varies from thirty minutes up to several hours depending on the recipe used.

What Is The Approximate Yield Of Cooked Jasmine Rice Per Cup Of Uncooked Rice?

The approximate yield of cooked jasmine rice per cup of uncooked rice may come as a surprise to some.

In fact, one cup of uncooked jasmine rice yields around three cups of fluffy and aromatic cooked grains.

This is an impressive increase in volume compared to other types of rice, making it a popular choice among home cooks looking for a quick meal that packs plenty of servings.


As with any other type of rice, Jasmine rice is a staple food that can be prepared in many different ways. While there are differences between white and brown Jasmine rice, both types can be cooked to perfection using an Instant Pot.

The recommended cook time for Instant Pot jasmine rice varies depending on the specific type but generally takes around 10 minutes or less. Cooked jasmine rice can be stored in the refrigerator up to five days, making it a great meal-prep option.

Cooking this fragrant grain requires no soaking beforehand; however, its yields depend on how much uncooked rice is used – one cup typically makes three cups of cooked Jasmine Rice.

All in all, preparing flavorful and aromatic dishes with Jasmine Rice is simple if you have the right tools and techniques!

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