Bomba Rice in Risotto: What You Need to Know

Bomba Rice in Risotto: What You Need to Know


Risotto, a tasty and simple-to-prepare Italian recipe typically utilizes rice in its preparation. Yet, there are some versions of risotto that substitute Arborio rice with bomba rice. This particular type of rice contains more starch than other varieties. When used in risotto, Bomba Rice results in a more creamy dish compared to the usual Arborio Rice due to its higher starch to water ratio, thus providing a creamy texture.

There are many types of rice available on the market, and bomba rice is one that you may be wondering about specifically. Can bomba rice be used in risotto? The answer is yes! This blog post will discuss what you need to know about using bomba rice in risotto. We will also provide a recipe for you to try to see how it’s done.

How Does Bomba Rice Differ From Other Varieties Of Rice?

Bomba rice is a short-grain variety of rice. This means that the grains in this type of rice are not typically long and are round instead. The texture of bomba rice is also different than other varieties; this type of rice has a softer texture and absorbs flavors better than you may be used to.

How Does Bomba Rice Work In Risotto?

In a risotto, the hidden secret is the mascarpone cheese. This cream-like cheese has a subtle flavor and thickening agent that aids in creating creamy risotto. Our version of bomba rice has a higher starch content than other rice varieties, giving it an additional creamy consistency that works very well with the mascarpone cheese. Furthermore, this recipe can be easily adapted to different cream sauces.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Bomba Rice In Risotto Dishes?

Bomba rice can be used in risotto recipes and other dishes as well. Just as most creamy risotto uses cream or mascarpone cheese, all risotto dishes can be made more creamy with a bomba rice version. Furthermore, bomba rice has a high starch content and a soft texture, making it ideal for risotto dishes.

Risottos must have the right consistency, firm and creamy yet not overly thick or stiff. You will find you can replicate this texture by using starchy foods such as cream or milk along with certain ingredients. 

There is a difference between the taste and the texture of risotto made with different types of rice. Arborio tends to create a creamier and softer risotto. However, it does not absorb liquefied sauces like bomba rice. Thus, when you cook a bomba rice risotto, you can incorporate the sauce into the dish better because of its ability to soak up the liquid.

Risottos are classically made with arborio rice but can also be made with bomba rice. This is because risottos are usually simmered while Arborio takes just 10 minutes to cook.

How Do You Cook Bomba Rice, So It’s Perfect For Risotto Dishes Every Time?

Bomba rice is cooked similarly to Arborio rice. The main difference is that you will use half the water and cook bomba rice for 25 minutes. You should ensure not to stir bomba rice while cooking, resulting in a sticky texture. For all other ingredients, you can keep it the same as you would with Arborio rice.

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Preparing risotto dishes is simple, yet the flavors are complex and delicious. Bomba rice adds texture to the cream-like sauce, which results in a delicious meal that everyone at your dinner table will enjoy!

What Are Some Delicious Recipes That Use Bomba Rice In Risotto Form?

You will find that bomba rice pairs well with many different recipes. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Creamy Mushroom Risotto with Bomba Rice

2. Creamy Pistachio Risotto with Peaches

3. Almond Risotto

4. Strawberry Spinach Risotto 

5. Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto

6. Zucchini Mushroom Risotto

7. Fried Sausage and Corn Risotto

8. Pesto Tomato Risotto 

9. Bacon Pumpkin Sage Risotto 

How Can You Make Your Risotto Dish More Impressive With A Few Simple Tweaks And Additions?

As you can see, many different risotto recipes use bomba rice. You can create your version, too, using any combination of ingredients you want. Simply try one of the recipes above and tweak it with your favorite ingredients to make it even more special.

Let’s look at some different ways you can change an already fabulous and classic recipe, such as our Quick Chicken Risotto.

Quick Chicken Risotto

1. Add a handful of bacon or ham strips before cooking, turning them into a savory, delightfully crispy dish!

2. Use parmesan cheese instead of mascarpone cheese for an extra punch!

3. Add a handful of pesto to the risotto, making it more flavorful and tasty!

4. Use spinach instead of arugula in place of the arborio rice.

5. Choose a different type of cheese or sauce to eat with your risotto dish- try mozzarella, gorgonzola, or parmesan for a delicious twist!

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Risotto dishes are uniquely delicious and dish-worthy. With bomba rice standing in as your staple ingredient, you can make risottos easily and quickly – all for great taste and unique texture!

Can You Use Bomba Rice For Desserts?

The answer to this question is yes!  You can add bomba rice to your favorite pudding or custard recipe for an extra creamy texture. Because bomba rice absorbs flavors exceptionally well, it will soak up the pudding flavors too. 


The bomba rice is one of the oldest rice varieties in the Philippines. It has been the staple food of the people for hundreds of years, especially those living in Southern Luzon. They are considered blessed when they learn that this rice is not grown anywhere else in the world. They think it is a gift given to them by God.

The coconut industry is worth P7 billion to P8 billion yearly, bringing significant economic benefits to Mindanao and economic opportunities for local and foreign investors. Recent studies show that coconut farmers would benefit more from exporting their coconut oil and copra commodities even at a lower price per kilogram than they currently get from planting coconuts and selling copra.

Bomba rice is an exceptional rice variety used in many different recipes. It has a smooth texture and absorbs flavors exceptionally well – so well that it can even be used for desserts! Bomba rice provides an exciting surface to your favorite recipe, making it something you will want to make again and again! 

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