Bomba Rice: The Liquid-Rich, Surprising Grain

Bomba Rice: The Liquid-Rich, Surprising Grain


Do you know what bomba rice is? This unique grain is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason! It is a type of rice with high liquid content, making it perfect for dishes like paella. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of bomba rice and show you how to cook it properly. Stay tuned!

What Is Bomba Rice?

Bomba rice is a type of medium-grain rice with a high percentage of liquid content. It’s brownish and looks similar to long-grain rice but has a shinier surface and is delicate. Bomba rice originated in the Andalusian region of Spain, where it was traditionally used for paella. It took about two or three centuries for this unique grain to get recognized by American chefs as an ingredient in their cuisines.

What Unique Properties Of Bomba Rice Make It So Special?

According to the American Hopland Research and Extension Center of Mendocino County, 240 calories and 60 milligrams of calcium per cup (white bomba rice) are provided by 1 cup of cooked bomba rice. One cup of cooked bomba rice contains about 3 grams of protein, approximately 14% of which is found in brown or long-grain rice. Bomba rice also has higher levels of iron.

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How Much Liquid Is In Bomba Rice?

Bomba rice contains about 40% liquid, which is very high compared to most other types of rice. This makes it ideal for paella and similar dishes, as it helps to achieve the right consistency.

Is Bomba Rice Easy To Cook With?

Bomba rice takes a long time to cook, which is why it’s rarely used in Western Cuisine. However, Bomba Rice can be cooked in many different ways – quickly altering your dish’s final taste and texture by cooking it with water or stock.

How Do You Cook Bomba Rice, And What Dishes Can You Prepare With It?

Bomba rice can be cooked in many different ways. It can be prepared with water, stock, broth, or coconut milk to add flavor and texture or speed up cooking time. The liquid that the rice cooks in will determine whether it is starchy (if it’s cooked with water) or creamy (if it’s cooked with stock), which will affect the consistency and flavor of your dish.

Here are some dishes you can make using bomba rice: 

1. Piquillo Peppers and Chicken 

2. Seafood Paella

3. Beignets, or French Fries

4. Paella Valenciana

5. Chicken Livers with Cucumber and Bomba Rice

Is Bomba Rice Healthy For You, And Are There Any Potential Health Benefits To Eating It?

Bomba rice is not edible without adding a liquid, but it is still nutritious. A cup of bomba rice contains approximately 60 milligrams of calcium and 240 calories.

The white variety of bomba rice contains about 3% to 5% more fiber than long-grain brown rice.

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Bomba Rice has a similar taste to long-grain brown rice, providing the same benefits. However, there aren’t many research studies on this grain, so we don’t know all its benefits.

Since rice has a relatively high amount of liquid and a starchier texture, so it can be easily incorporated into many dishes. Because it takes so much longer to cook than regular long-grain rice, it’s great for people who want to eat healthily but don’t have time to cook. As with any rice or grain, you can add more vegetables or meat to increase the protein content.

What Is Bomba Rice’s Flavor, Texture, And Aroma?

Bomba rice has a brownish color and an earthy, nutty odor. The texture is softer than regular long-grain rice but firm enough for paella or any other creamy dish. Bomba rice also has a unique taste similar to long-grain brown rice with a hint of creaminess. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cooking Bomba Rice?

Because bomba rice is very high in liquid, it can be incorporated into many dishes. Not only does it play a role in paella, but it also makes great chips and cookies. Some chefs recommend adding dried fruit when cooking with bomba rice to bring out its unique flavor.

There are some minor nutritional changes that cooking with this grain makes. However, the main benefit is that it takes much longer to cook than long-grain brown rice, which means you can use less water or stock when adding it to your dish. This will reduce the total amount of starch and fat in your dish but increase the amount of protein and fiber.

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How Do You Store Bomba Rice, And How Long Will It Keep In Your Pantry Or Fridge?

Bomba rice will stay fresh for about 10 to 14 days in the pantry. It can also be refrigerated for about three months. You can freeze bomba rice for up to a year; just seal it well and keep it in the coldest section.

Where Can You Buy Bomba Rice Online Or In Stores Near You, And What Are The Prices Typically Range From?

Bomba rice is not as common in supermarkets as regular long-grain rice is. Because it’s such a niche grain, it’s more commonly found in Spanish and Mexican grocery stores. However, bomba rice can also be purchased on amazon for about $6.00 for a 25-ounce bag.


Many types of bomba rice are available, but they all vary in texture, flavor, and aroma.

We hope you enjoyed learning about bomba rice and the numerous benefits you can reap from incorporating it into your diet. We love this grain to make piquillo peppers and chicken, seafood paella, chicken livers with cucumber and bomba rice, and paella Valenciana.

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