Everything You Need to Know About Paella Rice: Types of Rice for Paella

Everything You Need to Know About Paella Rice: Types of Rice for Paella


There are a variety of kinds of rice that can be used to cook paella. There are many types, but the most commonly used rice is arborio and bomba rice. Arborio rice comes in white and brown and is typically found on the bottom of the pan while cooking since it takes longer to cook than bomba. Bomba is golden brown and has a slightly mushy texture compared to arborio which has a buttery bite. The other most common type of rice used in paellas is Calasparra, which typically cooks up dryer than bomba, but still produces moistened flavors like the two varieties mentioned above.

What Is Paella Rice, And Where Does It Come From?

Paella is a Spanish dish made with rice, seafood, and vegetables. The main ingredient in paella is rice. The types of rice used for making paella can vary from region to region, though some rice is more frequently used than others. These include bomba (the most common type), arborio, Calasparra, and wide-fractioned basmati (also referred to as India or Indian).

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The Different Types Of Rice That Can Be Used For Paella

1. Bomba Rice

The most commonly used paella rice is bomba. This short-grained rice has a high starch content and keeps its shape during the cooking process. It is golden brown, but some bomba varieties are white or even green.

Bomba rice is the ideal choice for making paellas because it releases starch into the liquid to give it a creamy texture at the end of the cooking process. Bomba rice is also known by its Spanish name, Arroz bomba.

Bomba rice can be found in Spain, Mexico, and Central America. It can also be purchased online through websites such as Amazon.

2. Arroz Calasparra

Arroz Calasparra is a bowl of rice that comes from Valencia, Spain. This rice is bushy, meaning it has a lot of bran and germ. It has a unique yellowish color and nutty flavor, making it ideal for paella sauces.

Arroz Calasparra is considered the same type of rice as Arroz caldereta, which comes from the Valencian town of Manises. Another name for this type of rice is Valencian Wonder Rice. Arroz Caldereta differs from Arroz cala Sapello because it lacks the nutty flavor that defines Arroz Calasparra.

3. Arroz Bomba Riojano

Arroz bomba Riojano is a Spanish rice that comes from the region of La Rioja, Spain. This rice is short-grained and has a high starch content. While it is often used to make paella, it can also be used in other dishes.

4. Valencian Rice

This white-colored rice is grown in the Valencia region of Spain. This type of rice has a nutty flavor and a high starch content, making it ideal for paellas.

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5. Indian Basmati

Wide-fractioned basmati is a type of rice that comes from India and Pakistan, though it differs in some ways from other basmati rice. This variety is known as Indian basmati because it was grown in India but moved to Spain when it was discovered that the climate and soil were ideal for growing this variety of rice.

How To Cook Paella Rice Perfectly

There are a few things to consider when cooking paella rice. 

1. The rice must be soaked in cold water for at least 30 minutes before cooking. It should be rinsed and soaked separately before adding to the liquid for your paella.

2. The rice must be slightly undercooked so that the saffron and seafood liquid will not have a hard time soaking in. Instead, this liquid will permeate the rice and give it a creamy texture at the end of the cooking process.

3. The rice should be cooked on medium fire. This ensures that it cooks thoroughly without becoming too sticky and prevents it from burning.

4. The pan should only be half full of water when making paella. This will ensure that your paella doesn’t become too watery or too dry but instead moist, which is how paella should look after cooking.

5. The rice should be spread out in the pan to cook evenly and have a consistent texture.

6. When making paella, it is best to use saffron, a spice made from the flower of Crocus sativus. This gives paella its signature yellow color and flavor.

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7. The liquid used for cooking your paella should be flavorful but not too salty or acidic so that it doesn’t overpower the final taste of the rice.

Delicious Recipes That Use Paella Rice As The Star Ingredient

1. Paella De Mariscos

In this paella recipe, seafood is the star ingredient. Here, the rice is added to a sauce of seafood and vegetables for a fantastic taste sensation.

2. Paella Cala Vinaigrette

This recipe uses paella rice as a base for a delicious salad with chicken, olives, and capers. The result is a mixture of flavors that will leave your mouth watering!

3. Paellas With Chicken, Shrimp, And Saffron Rice

A sophisticated variety of paella includes these three ingredients in one decadent dish that tastes like heaven! The sherry wine adds a rich flavor to this dish, giving it an exotic twist.

4. Paella-Style Seafood With Saffron

This recipe blends the best of both paella worlds by combining the shrimp, chicken, and sausage from a paella dish with rice and seafood. The result is a unique but delicious flavor that will please any palate.

5. Paella De Lentejas (Paella With Lentils)

Here, rice is combined with red beans for a fantastic fusion of flavors blend perfectly! This is a great vegetarian option for those who enjoy paella without meat. 


Paella has been a part of Spanish culture since the 15th century. This dish combines rice, seafood, and vegetables in a saffron-colored broth. In Spain, paella is served at social meals with wine. Paella rice has become popular throughout Spain and Europe, but it must be made correctly to make delicious paella rice every time. Paella rice is perfect for making fancy or simple paellas that can be served right out of the pan for lunch or dinner.

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