10 Best Types Of Rice For Paella – Rice Array

10 Best Types Of Rice For Paella – Rice Array


Do you love paella? If so you know that rice is a very important part of this dish Many different types of rice can be used for paella but not all of them will give you the best results This blog post will discuss ten of the best types of rice grain for making paella and tell you which ones are best for achieving that perfect flavor and texture So do you need special quality rice for paella? Keep reading to find out! One cup basmati rice is enough for making the perfect paella.

What Is Paella?

Paella often referred to as the Spanish national dish is a delicious dish eaten in many different parts of the world It is a traditional Spanish dish made with several ingredients such as saffron threads basmati rice chorizo bell pepper and olive oil and usually served in a large round clay pan or olla Some people refer to paella as Spanish Soul Food’ because it is prepared and served in a specific way that makes it uniquely Spanish It can be made using chicken seafood or vegetables depending on what you have available.

What Are The 10 Different Types Of Rice You Can Use To Make Paella?

1. Bomba Rice

Known as the king of Spanish rice bomba rice is grown in Valencia a region in Spain It has an elongated shape and cooks up very creamy once it is fully cooked This type of rice grain works best if you want a rich and flavorful paella If you are looking for bomba rice for sale then you should know that this type does cost more than other rice varieties like brown rice and white rice such as basmati rice jasmine rice and Carolina Gold.

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2. Calasparra Rice

This variety of rice grain comes from a region in Spain called Castellon de la Plana and is perhaps the most traditional tasting paella rice around It has a wonderful nutty flavor to it which makes it perfect if you are looking for something that is not too spicy or salty tasting It is hard to find quality basmati rice in the United States but that is probably because it is imported from Spain Ideally you should use 1 cup rice depending on how many servings you want.

3. Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli Rice is a very hearty grain rice based on the Italian system of growing and harvesting rice Some types of this rice are grown specifically for paella such as Tenerife Carnaroli which originated in the Canary Islands This variety comes in a variety of colors including white and green so you can easily see whether or not your rice has been evenly cooked or not It also has a medium texture which makes it ideal for paella pan If you’re planning to make rice bowls you’ll need at least 1 cup white rice like basmati rice or jasmine rice to start with.

4. Calrose Rice

Calrose rice grain is probably one of the most widely used types of grain rice when it comes to making paella It is very popular across the United States and is usually grown in California The grains are quite round and medium sized which makes it a great choice for paella The best thing about white rice Calrose rice is that it cooks fairly quickly and evenly so you will not have to worry about overcooking any one part of your dish if you use this type of basmati rice.

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5. Canarian Rice

Canary Island rice grain is a form of paella rice that originated in the Canary Islands It has a longer slender shape and cook very quickly making it great for paella In fact even though this variety is more expensive than other varieties of paella rice it makes up for its price by offering superior quality and authenticity One cup of this quality rice contains a significant amount of potassium low amount of sodium and is an excellent source of protein.

6 Liberian Rice grain This type of rice comes from Liberia and was grown there for centuries before being introduced to the United States Liberian rice is so prized because it is harvested at its ripest stage which allows the grains to absorb plenty of flavor due to the natural oils present in them Liberian rice is also known for its unique shape and size which makes it an ideal choice for paella Additionally for those concerned with nutrition facts a single cup of Liberian grain rice contains healthy amounts of potassium calcium sodium amount and protein amount.

9. Carolina Rice

Carolina Rice also comes from North America and was introduced there from South America It is known for its very short cooking times and the fact that it is great for making paella It can be found at most Asian supermarkets and can also be purchased online through Amazon if you cannot find it in person For those interested the nutrition facts for this quality white rice show that it has the following amounts of potassium amount in a one cup serving.

How To Cook The Best Paella?

Different people have different ideas on how best to prepare their paella but almost all agree that it should start with cooking the white jasmine rice grain This is because most people view rice as the foundation of any paella dish.

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The second step involves eventually adding the other ingredients to your paella such as the chorizo or seafood You will want to add them in at this point because it’s better to add them before they cool off or they will cook together into one big mushy mess instead of forming individual flavors Use fresh quality rice grain such as basmati rice or parboiled rice and cook it with olive oil and chicken broth.

The third step is when you add the chicken chorizo and onion to your rice recipes basmati rice Coming up with great recipes for paella rice is not an exact science The best way to do this is to go online and try a few different recipes until you feel like you have found the perfect one for your taste buds.


As you can see paella is one of the most loved dishes in Spain It is extremely tasty filling and good for social gatherings because everyone can get to eat the same dish If you have never had paella before then you should definitely try it out as soon as possible All you have to do is follow the tips on this page and your first time eating paella with chorizo will be a very pleasant one We hope that our website has helped you find some great information on how to make a Spanish rice dish such as Paella using brown rice and a paella pan.

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