Tatung Rice Cooker: The Ultimate Guide – Rice Array

Tatung Rice Cooker: The Ultimate Guide – Rice Array

You don’t have to be an expert chef or a professional cook to know that cooking rice with your ordinary pot and stove can really take its toll on your kitchen let alone take up all of your valuable time For many a rice cooker is an ultimate solution: it drastically simplifies the process of cooking rice and even better it does all of this without any mess In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about Tatung Rice Cookers including the measuring cup and rice spoon and the stainless steel pot lid.

What is Tatung rice cooker?

Tatung is a home appliance brand known for its affordable price and high quality products Founded by Mr Yujiro Tatung in 1948 this Japanese company has produced countless rice cookers pots steamers and more over the years In 1979 they released what would become their most famous product: a simple to use rice cooker called Tatung G18K01 complete with a rice measuring cup and stainless steel pot lid It features a large base and a glass lid that allows for easy viewing of the rice during the cooking process Furthermore it has a detachable bowl that can be conveniently placed inside the main pot making it easier to remove each serving The model is also dishwasher safe last for 36 months with regular use and is one of Tatung’s most popular rice cookers It includes a rice spatula and measuring cup for perfect measurement of brown rice or congee.

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What is the design of Tatung rice cooker?

The Tatung G18K01 is a long necked stainless steel rice cooker that can be used to cook just about any kind of grain It has a tapered neck and a removable pot lid which makes it ideal for the frequent use of grains like barley and millet Also it comes with ameasuring cup and rice spatula for home cooks’ convenience.

The body is made from durable stainless steel and features a front mounted control panel with multiple functions You can use the control panel to switch the rice cooker on and off set the cooking time adjust the temperature and more The package includes ameasuring cup and a rice spatula for the Tatung rice cooker.

What is Tatung rice cooker’s size?

Tatung G18K01 is a rather standard sized rice cooker with a capacity of 10 cup servings Although it has slightly larger dimensions compared to its competitors they’re not too large and they’re still considered portable enough for use in smaller spaces The package includes ameasuring cup pot lid and rice spatula with this stainless steel Tatung rice cooker.

Why should you buy this product?

Although the Tatung rice cooker isn’t the cheapest rice cooker out there it is one of the most popular Its price is actually quite reasonable especially if you consider the design functionality and durability Plus it comes with a rice spatula measuring cup and a stainless steel inner pot The removable lid detachable bowl and the fact that the rice cooker can be used for a wide variety of grains are just some of its great qualities If you’re looking for a long lasting convenient and affordable rice cooker you cannot go wrong with this Tatung rice cooker that comes with a rice measuring cup and stainless steel inner pot.

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How to use Tatung rice cooker?

Using a rice cooker can be easy once you know how to do it, and the Tatung rice cooker is no exception. To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. After removing the bowl from the bowl, rinse the rice with water and place in the cooker.

2. Position the lid on top of the pot and turn on the hot position.

3. When the indicator light turns green, remove the lid and let the pot sit for another 2-3 minutes to finish cooking.

4. After 3 minutes, check on your rice by gently removing the lid to see if it looks ready to be removed from its cooker or not, depending on your needs and desired taste.

How long does it take to cook rice in Tatung rice cooker?

According to the product instructions, it takes approximately 30 minutes to make a bowl of rice with white/brown settings and 45 minutes for the porridge setting.

How much rice can you cook at once?

The capacity of this rice cooker is 6 cups which is suitable for smaller families or couples For larger groups of people there are more spacious Tatung rice cooker models available The product dimensions are 8 x 6 x 9 inches and weighs roughly 3 pounds It also comes with ameasuring cup and a rice spoon.

Pros & Cons of Tatung rice cooker


1. Affordable price for a quality rice cooker.

2. Easy-to-use interface with a large viewing window allows for monitoring the cooking process.

3. Highly rated product; a large number of satisfied customers and positive reviews online.

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1. Small capacity means it can hold only 6-cups of rice.

2. Brown rice takes slightly longer to cook (about 40 minutes).

3. It takes up more counter space than other types of rice cookers.

4. No additional accessories included (such as measuring cups).

How to clean Tatung rice cooker?

To wash the stainless steel measuring cup you will need to remove the removable bowl and empty it into a sink or another bowl Then you can do as you wish with that hand wash with warm water and soap or place it in the dishwasher for a fast cleanup afterward.


This product is the perfect choice for people who need a simpler cheaper and more convenient alternative to other rice cooker s With a relatively short time required to cook rice this pressure cooker appliance rice cooker does exactly what it needs to do and doesn’t get in the way It will allow you to spend more time on something else other than waiting for this appliance to finish its job.

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