Multiple-platform Microarray Element Search

The Rice Multiple-platform Microarray Element Search page is a tool that allows users the ability to search across six different rice microarray platforms (Affymetrix, Agilent 22K and 44K, BGI/Yale, NSF 20K, NSF 45K) to determine which probes from each platform map to a common gene target.

To use this search, submit a file containing a list of identifiers of interest using the file browser menu (max 1000 identifiers, one per line). Or, paste directly into the search box a list of indentifiers. Select the output type that is desired (html or tab-delimited plain text) and click 'Submit'.

Example identifiers include:
  • LOC_Os01g01010.1 (MSU/TIGR Rice Genome Annotation cDNA)
  • Os01t0100100-01 (RAP3 Rice Genome Annotation cDNA)
  • AK058204 (Rice KOME Full-length cDNA)
The entire probe mapping matrix table is available for download: Rice Multiple-platform Table (zip, 3M)

Search Microarray Elements against Multiple Platforms
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