Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is specially designed for holding data that would not easily fit elsewhere. Users can benefit from its just-in-time features whilst avoiding buying or managing their own data storage infrastructure. Cloud storage offers strong security, inexpensiveness, high scalability, and availability. However, as with any other technology, cloud storage also bears its own pros and cons. Here we highlight some of the noteworthy advantages and main disadvantages of cloud storage.

Advantages Of Cloud Storage

Enhanced Teamwork

Cloud storage enables the organizations to work more efficiently, as it offers to work together on a project, saving time and endless email revisions. Using the same tools, managers can also monitor work progress even if they are absent from their workplace. Cloud storage providers at enterprise level offer tools that will allow workers to collaborate on documents at the same time from different locations.

Reduced Cost

Cloud storage services offer affordable packages to their users. Companies and individuals using cloud-based services are more likely to cut back on operating costs and will only pay a subscription fee. It will help the provider offset these costs and save money by allowing someone else to maintain their storage facility.

Backup Recovery

Another benefit of using cloud storage is that you’ll always have a backup solution in case something goes wrong. It provides organizations with off-site (remote) backups of data which reduces costs associated with disaster recovery. One can always access cloud storage and retrieve any data that may have been damaged or lost.

Data Sync

One can synchronize any folder with their cloud storage and give access only to the selected users. Moreover, if any changes are made to the data, the cloud will automatically sync them across all linked devices.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage


Many cloud storage services have a particular bandwidth allowance depending on what service you choose. It may cost you more if an organization exceeds the specified allowance. Therefore, this factor should be considered by a firm when looking at a cloud storage supplier.

Data Security

Data security is a big concern for companies choosing cloud technology. As they share their sensitive business information to a third-party service provider, this could potentially put their company at risk. Therefore, choosing a reliable service provider becomes essential. A good cloud storage service allows the users to maintain their own encryption keys, rather than letting the cloud storage provider retain their information.

Moreover, pre-encryption of files before transferring to cloud storage location can also reduce risks.

Besides, using a VPN also helps in enhanced data security. While you can easily setup VPNs on your computers and Android, you can also easily learn how to setup VPN on iPhone 6, 7, or the latest models. This will help you establish a secure connection to your cloud storage every time.

Dependency On Internet

The biggest disadvantage of cloud technology is its dependency on internet availability. Even today, the internet isn’t available in many remote areas of the world. Or even if you get connectivity, poor upload and download speeds may also hinder access to your cloud storage.